Greenbaum Rowe Smith & Davis LLP

Practice Group: White Collar Defense

The Group has represented numerous individuals and corporations in both the public and private sectors in federal and state investigations and prosecutions in New Jersey and across the country.  Our Group has the capacity to conduct internal investigations for corporations to detect improprieties, as well as to recommend strategies for implementing compliance programs to better position the corporate client to deal with law enforcement authorities.  We have specialized experience in addressing the complex questions that arise when both corporations and their employees require legal counsel in the context of white collar investigations.

Our Group's focus includes defending against investigations and prosecutions of alleged government procurement and environmental violations;  political and commercial corruption; and various forms of fraud including bank, tax and commercial matters.  We also are active in defending against the numerous civil proceedings, including actions by federal agencies.  

The Group considers some of its most valuable services to be the numerous criminal prosecutions it has prevented.  We are cognizant that frequently the most damage to the reputation of a corporation or an individual occurs as a result of an indictment, and not necessarily a conviction.  Accordingly, because of its knowledge and experience, our Group is often called upon to dissuade prosecution.