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Associate Attorneys

Exceptional attorneys are made, not born.  We search for natural talent and demonstrated achievement in our recruitment of young lawyers. Successful candidates for associate opportunities display ambition, intelligence, imagination and personal integrity. They are the next generation of our firm’s leadership, and are evaluated for positions at the firm with that future promise top of mind.

We ask a lot of our associates, but we also give back in equal part. We nurture them to sharpen their skills and strengthen their capabilities through both formal and informal mentoring and professional development training. Our more experienced attorneys and practice area leaders provide ongoing feedback on their performance. Early on, associates at the firm experience direct exposure to clients, attending motion hearings, depositions, trials, closings and client meetings. They have open access to marketing and business development support, and are encouraged to proactively pursue their professional goals. They are quickly and seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the firm’s culture and practice.