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Lateral Attorneys

Accomplished attorneys with established practices seek to align themselves with a law firm that shares their own profile of achievements. They seek opportunity. 

The best attorneys never stop learning, growing, and expanding their ability to serve the client. They strategically embrace changes in the “business of law,” including the integration of technological advances and timely expansions into new areas of practice. 

Our firm places the utmost value on providing lateral hires with a supportive and collaborative framework within which they can flourish and succeed on the clients’ behalf. As a client-centered enterprise, we are committed to facilitating our lateral partners’ career development objectives. We perceive that commitment as the only acceptable and mutually beneficial philosophy to pursue. 

From time to time, we proactively recruit lateral partners as our various practice needs dictate, however we are always open to inquiries from proven lateral partners, both within and outside of our established areas of practice.