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The legalization of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes continues to increase throughout the U.S., creating both opportunities and risks for the business community. As New Jersey moves forward with both its adult-use recreational and medical marijuana programs, the firm’s Cannabis Industry Practice Group is prepared to proactively meet the needs of  existing and future clients by assisting them in evaluating and managing the business and legal impacts of a New Jersey-based cannabis industry.

The complexities of investing in or operating a business within – or servicing – the rapidly developing and heavily regulated cannabis industry are magnified immeasurably by conflicting federal laws prohibiting the use, possession, cultivation, distribution and sale of marijuana. Cannabis-focused business entities, as well as companies in other industries conducting business with members of the cannabis sector, require the skilled guidance of knowledgeable advisors, including a legal team with the requisite diversity of expertise to provide strategic and insightful counsel in a highly fluid and changing environment.

The attorneys in this practice area bring to the table a wealth of relevant experience, having counseled clients in such highly regulated industries as gaming, healthcare, food & beverage, real estate, environmental, manufacturing and public utilities. Throughout our long history, we have represented countless entrepreneurial enterprises, including those seeking a foothold in emergent growth industries such as solar and alternative energy, green building and technology.  

The firm’s New Jersey practice focus is the backbone of our strengths across a comprehensive range of practice areas. Our network of business, legal and government connections in New Jersey is extensive. Our knowledge of New Jersey law and the inherent complexities of handling legal challenges in the state is unparalleled. Our ability to negotiate strong deals and achieve successful outcomes on behalf of our clients is our greatest source of pride.

By closely tracking regulatory and legislative developments relating to the cannabis business at both the state and federal levels, our team is fully prepared to assist clients in meeting their business objectives by providing precautionary guidance, protective strategies and creative solutions across a broad array of legal and business issues, including those related to:


The possession, sale, manufacture, use or distribution of marijuana is illegal under federal law, which could result in severe financial and criminal penalties. The legalization of marijuana under any state or local law does not override the federal law. No legal advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law. Any legal work or advice the firm may provide related to contracts, financing, leasing, the formation of business entities, dispute resolution or any other legal work that a business may require shall not be construed as advising or encouraging a client to engage in a business or activity that violates any federal or state law.

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