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Woodbridge Hilton, NJ

On March 16, 2006 prominent New Jersey law firm, Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP, hosted the Dispute Resolution Symposium at the Woodbridge Hilton to inform the business and legal communities of the evolving uses of alternative dispute resolution tools, such as arbitration, mediation and mini-trials, to decrease the costs and disruption of disputes in the workplace. The Symposium, “Bottom Line Dispute Resolution in the Twenty-first Century,” brought together nearly 100 attendees from a variety of industries and professions.

During the two hour Symposium, a panel of distinguished experts considered three business dispute scenarios: a shareholder, construction and supplier conflicts. In discussions by the panel members, a host of conflict management strategies were explained to reduce the costs of disputes and to support ongoing relationships with important business stakeholders. Among the strategies discussed were:

The panel members were:

In commenting on the genesis of the Symposium, Robert S. Greenbaum noted, “ADR has been around a long time. Business leaders need current information about the wide variety of strategies and cutting edge techniques that can help them decrease the stunning costs of litigation and preserve relationships that affect the bottom line.”

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