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The Heldrich, New Brunswick

The Hon. Donald A. Kessler (Ret.), Of Counsel in the firm’s Litigation and Family Law Departments, will be a panelist at a “Forensic and Litigation Symposium” to be hosted by Withum on Friday, December 6, 2019 from 8:00am – 3:30pm at The Heldrich in New Brunswick.

Panelists at this program will share their expertise in the areas of proper media and open source tactics, anti-money laundering, damages, digital forensics in the courtroom, forensic accounting on the white collar defense team and cybersecurity.  Judge Kessler will participate in a panel discussion of “Digital Forensics in the Courtroom,” which will explore how digital evidence is presented in a courtroom setting.

Judge Kessler focuses his practice on resolving commercial and family law disputes through mediation and arbitration as an alternative to traditional litigation.  His experience as a judge of the equity court enables him to deal with business disputes encompassing a broad range of matters, including those related to contracts, real property, construction, employment, unfair competition, intellectual property, corporate and LLC issues, and consumer fraud. 

Additional program details and registration at: Forensic and Litigation Symposium