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Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP is pleased to be affiliated with the recently announced Rutgers Law School Certificate in Cannabis Law and Business program, a six-month course of study that will provide existing and prospective cannabis industry license holders with the foundation required to operate a legally compliant cannabis business in New Jersey.

The program, which launches in January 2023, will back Rutgers’ commitment to supporting underserved communities, along with the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission’s mission in that regard, by offering scholarships to Social Equity and Diversely Owned Business license applicants. Greenbaum is supporting these Social Equity licensees by funding a scholarship to cover the full cost of participation in the program. Additional information about the Certificate in Cannabis Law and Business program is available on the Rutgers Law School website.

The firm’s Cannabis Industry Practice Group is meeting the needs of clients by assisting them in evaluating and managing the business and legal impacts of New Jersey’s cannabis industry, with the requisite diversity of expertise to provide strategic and insightful counsel across a broad array of issues. Our team closely tracks regulatory and legislative developments relating to cannabis business at both the state and federal levels, assisting clients in meeting their business objectives by providing precautionary guidance, protective strategies and creative solutions.


The possession, sale, manufacture, use or distribution of marijuana is illegal under federal law, which could result in severe financial and criminal penalties. The legalization of marijuana under any state or local law does not override the federal law. No legal advice we give is intended to provide any guidance or assistance in violating federal law. Any legal work or advice the firm may provide related to contracts, financing, leasing, the formation of business entities, dispute resolution or any other legal work that a business may require shall not be construed as advising or encouraging a client to engage in a business or activity that violates any federal or state law.