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Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP is pleased to announce the publication of the 2012 edition of Guidebook to Chancery Practice in New Jersey (New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 8th Edition). The book is co-authored by Paul A. Rowe, chairman of the firm and Litigation Department partner Andrea J. Sullivan, and the Hon. William A. Drier (Ret.) of Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus.

Guidebook to Chancery Practice in New Jersey addresses the following topics: 
    • Equitable maxims & equitable defenses; 
    • Equitable remedies;
    • Remedies in equity or at law;
    • Some effects of filing in Chancery;
    • Selected Chancery procedures; and
    • Frequent misfilings in general equity.

Mr. Rowe's practice is primarily one of major and complex litigation in a variety of fields, with a focus on sophisticated and complex corporate and business matters and high profile complex matrimonial matters. Throughout his career he has tried to conclusion numerous cases ranging from construction cases, partnership and corporate dissolutions, stock fraud, anti-trust, matrimonial and chancery litigation of all types, and including some of the most heavily-publicized litigations in New Jersey.

Mr. Rowe is also the author of New Jersey Business Litigation, the primary source book describing how New Jersey courts have dealt with business issues in litigation. He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Ms. Sullivan's practice encompasses commercial litigation, estate litigation and matrimonial law. She is finely attuned to the financial and competitive practices that make companies and individuals successful in business and in the professional world. She represents professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and dentists in various types of actions from professional malfeasance to claims of fraud and attorneys in cases of alleged professional malpractice.

Ms. Sullivan is Chair of the Middlesex County Bar Association Chancery Settlement Program. She is a member of the Chancery Practice Committee and is a past vice chair of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Equity Jurisprudence Committee.


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