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Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP is pleased to announce that three of the firm’s partners – Kersten Kortbawi, Steven Nudelman and Maja M. Obradovic – have been selected to serve in advisory positions on the 2022 editorial boards of Law360.

Law360 is a well-regarded online news resource that provides coverage on legal developments including litigation filings, case settlements, verdicts, regulation, enforcement, legislation, policy developments, corporate deals, and more across dozens of legal practice areas, industries, and jurisdictions.  Members of Law360 editorial advisory boards provide feedback to the publication on its coverage of news events, court rulings and trending issues within a particular geographic area or specific area of practice.  

Ms. Kortbawi has been selected as a member of the 2022 Law360 New Jersey Editorial Board, which focuses specifically on legal developments related to New Jersey across all areas of practice. An experienced commercial litigator who represents plaintiffs and defendants in all forms of civil litigation at both the state and federal level, her work encompasses complex construction disputes, consumer fraud claims, private equity fraud, personal injury actions, product liability cases, and insurance defense matters including motor vehicle liability, personal injury cases, professional liability, premises liability, environmental claims and general liability cases. She has also obtained favorable settlements for her clients in mediation and arbitration and has served as local New Jersey counsel in multi-jurisdictional litigation.

Steven NudelmanMr. Nudelman has been selected as a member of the 2022 Law360 Editorial Board for Construction, which addresses construction-related topics on a national level. For over 25 years he has represented members of the construction industry across a broad spectrum of matters. On the transactional side, Mr. Nudelman handles the preparation and negotiation of contract documents for construction in the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area. His construction contracting work helps manage the risk inherent in construction projects, however when disputes are unavoidable, Mr. Nudelman represents clients in state and federal courts throughout NJ and NJ, as well as in local and international mediations and arbitrations.  

Ms. Obradovic has also been selected as a member of the 2022 Law360 New Jersey Editorial Board. She concentrates in the representation of public and private employers in employment related disputes at both the state and federal level and provides broad-based strategic employment and risk avoidance counseling services to management personnel and human resources professionals. Co-Chair of the firm's Employment Law Department, she handles the defense of claims involving employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, whistleblower retaliation, wage and hour disputes, hostile work environment, contract issues, social media and privacy matters, and the enforcement of employment agreements including restrictive covenants and non-compete provisions.