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Green Building and Sustainability Programs: The Real How To of Implementation and Start Up


New Jersey businesses have received a blizzard of information about Green Building and Sustainability Initiatives, but few programs deal with the problems of how to implement them with sleeves rolled up, how to start a sustainability business successfully, and how to assess and leverage the financial benefits. On October 28th, Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP’s Women’s Leadership Forum and the Financial Women’s Association of NJ and NY will co-host a program with three experts in this field who will discuss: 

The speakers for this program are three leaders in the sustainable environment field. They are architect, Jeanne Perantoni of SSP Architects who will discuss green building projects; Matt Polsky, a research fellow with the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise and associated with the Sustainable Business Incubator at Fairleigh Dickinson University, who will discuss green strategies that can be implemented in an existing business and on how to start a green related business; and Victoria G. Axelrod, a management consultant and organization strategist who will address how to gain buy in for green programs within one’s organization. She is a principal of Axelrod Becker Consulting, and she is also a contributing author to the book, The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When it all Comes Together.  

Attorneys Emily Kaller and Catherine Shimsky are Co-Chairs of Greenbaum’s Women’s Leadership Forum.  

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