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Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP 2018 Real Estate Update: Trending Issues & Topics of Interest

Regina E. SchnellerA critical aspect of a commercial real estate purchase is the evaluation of various matters, conditions and risks associated with the property during a contractual due diligence period. The customary timeframe for due diligence is sixty days, during which time several investigations are often directed by the purchaser's lawyer and performed by various professionals. These may include the following:

The above due diligence tasks are not intended to serve as a comprehensive list. As is often the case in complex real estate transactions, the unique characteristics of some properties, and the initial results of the basic investigations, may necessitate additional due diligence in order to achieve the comfort level that the client seeks prior to closing of title. The nature and extent of the lawyers's role in conducting due diligence should be specified clearly at the outset of any purchase transaction.