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Raymond M. Brown, Justin P. Kolbenschlag and Gregg H. Hilzer of the firm’s Litigation Department were integral members of Senator Robert Menendez’s defense team at his recently concluded trial in federal court.  The Democratic Senator from New Jersey faced bribery and corruption charges brought by the U.S. government in the trial, which ended in a mistrial on November 16, 2017.  A 10-2 jury split in favor of acquittal was widely reported in media coverage of the trial’s conclusion.

Each member of the Greenbaum team was personally thanked for their contributions by Senator Menendez in a press conference immediately following the announcement of a hung jury and mistrial.  The Senator thanked Mr. Brown, noting that his “insights were invaluable,” and then acknowledged Mr. Hilzer and Mr. Kolbenschlag for giving “their total commitment to our cause.” 

Senator Menendez’s complete post-trial remarks, carried live by national media outlets across the country, can be accessed at the following link:
(The Senator thanks his legal team at 2:35 – 3:06)

In the days following the conclusion of the trial, Mr. Brown appeared on various media outlets to discuss the case. Those interviews can be accessed at the following links:

Interview on Regional News Network (RNN):
(Mr. Brown’s interview at 0:58 - 5:50; Dominic Carter’s remarks on Raymond Brown and Abbe Lowell at 5:55 – 7:00)

Interview on New Jersey Public Media (NJTV) “On The Record”:
(“Three of New Jersey’s top criminal defense lawyers take a look at the Menendez trial” at 19:35)