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Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP Client Alert

A message to our clients, colleagues and business associates:

As the coronavirus situation continues to escalate and we all find ourselves in uncharted waters, we are reaching out to let you know that our firm is currently undertaking an urgent and proactive wide-ranging effort to identify and study the numerous pressing legal and business issues that many of you will undoubtedly face in the coming days, weeks and months.  

We are deeply committed to providing support in this time of uncertainty by delivering timely and sound substantive legal advice in response to your specific business or personal challenges.  Our attorneys are zealously researching and analyzing the potential impacts of a multitude of issues that may arise going forward.  This endeavor is being coordinated across the full scope of the firm’s practice, enabling us to provide broad-based guidance and practical strategies for managing your concerns. 

In this unprecedented situation, we recognize that there is no truly analogous set of prior circumstances for us to call upon.  In some instances, we will undoubtedly confront legal issues of ‘first impression’ arising within a totally new paradigm.  Be assured that our entire firm is bringing the full weight of our collective expertise to bear to help you manage this highly fluid global emergency.

Please make note of the following contact information for the key individuals who are heading up efforts in our various areas of practice. 

Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Issues:
David L. Bruck | 732.476.2440 | dbruck@greenbaumlaw.com 

Benefits and Executive Compensation Issues: 
Thomas C. Senter | 732.476.2650 | tsenter@greenbaumlaw.com

Condominium and Community Association Issues:
Robert J. Flanagan III | 732.476.3204 | rflanagan@greenbaumlaw.com
Christine F. Li | 732.476.2680 | cli@greenbaumlaw.com

Corporate Issues:
W. Raymond Felton | 732.476. 2670 | rfelton@greenbaumlaw.com
Kellianne Greenwood | 732.476.2524 | kgreenwood@greenbaumlaw.com

Criminal & Regulatory Compliance Issues:
Christopher D. Adams | 732.476.2692 | cadams@greenbaumlaw.com

Employment Issues:
Jemi Goulian Lucey | 732.476.2502 | jlucey@greenbaumlaw.com
Maja M. Obradovic | 732.476.2454 | mobradovic@greenbaumlaw.com
Thomas C. Senter | 732.476.2650 | tsenter@greenbaumlaw.com

Environmental Issues:
Barbara J. Koonz | 973.577.1894 | bkoonz@greenbaumlaw.com

Family & Matrimonial Issues:
Mark H. Sobel | 973.577.1780 | msobel@greenbaumlaw.com

Financing Issues
Lydia C. Stefanowicz | 732.476.3330 | lstefanowicz@greenbaumlaw.com 

Healthcare Business Issues: 
John Zen Jackson | 732.476.3336 | jjackson@greenbaumlaw.com
Andrew F. McBride, III | 973.577.1762 | amcbride@greenbaumlaw.com
James A. Robertson | 973.577.1784 | jrobertson@greenbaumlaw.com

Insurance Issues:
Ellen A. Silver | 732.476.3210 | esilver@greenbaumlaw.com
Carlton T. Spiller | 732.476.2720 | cspiller@greenbaumlaw.com

Land Use Issues:
Gary S. Forshner | 732.476.2690 | gforshner@greenbaumlaw.com

Litigation Issues:
Darren C. Barreiro | 732.476.2424 | dbarreiro@greenbaumlaw.com
John D. North | 732.476.2630 | jnorth@greenbaumlaw.com

Public Entity Issues:
Robert S. Goldsmith | 732.476.2620 | rgoldsmith@greenbaumlaw.com 

Real Estate Issues:
Thomas J. Denitzio, Jr. | 732.476.2610 | tdenitzio@greenbaumlaw.com
Jack Fersko | 732.476.3354 | jfersko@greenbaumlaw.com
John H. Hague | 732.476.2466 | jhague@greenbaumlaw.com
Steven G. Mlenak | 732.476.2526 | smlenak@greenbaumlaw.com

Tax and Elder Law Issues:
Michael K. Feinberg | 732.476.2450 | mfeinberg@greenbaumlaw.com

As we all turn our focus to the welfare of our families and communities, Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis is here for support if you need us as a resource. 

Stay safe and stay well.

Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP